Thursday Tunes

Thursday Tunes - Copper Door Restaurant

Thursday Tunes at Copper Door

Join us on Sunday and Thursday evenings, local talent takes to the floor for a series of live musical performances. Sundays from 4-7 pm and Thursday from 8-11 pm. There is no cover charge. Times differ during Patriots Game.

December @ Bedford

  • Sunday, December 2nd (1-4pm) Cham Lamarsh
  • Thursday, December 6th Corey Brackett
  • Sunday, December 9th Phil Jacques
  • Thursday, December 13th Chad Lamarsh
  • Sunday, December 16th (1-4pm) Pete Peterson
  • Thursday, December 20th Jim Devlin
  • Sunday, December 23rd Brad Bosse
  • Monday, December 24th (4-7pm) Nate Comp
  • Thursday, December 27th Rick Watson
  • Sunday, December 30th Marc Apostolides

December @ Salem

  • Sunday, December 2nd (1-4pm) Jodee Frawlee
  • Thursday, December 6th Chad Lamarsh
  • Sunday, December 9th Chad Lamarsh
  • Thursday, December 13th Mark Lapointe
  • Sunday, December 16th (1-4pm) Grace Rapetti
  • Thursday, December 20th Tim Theriault
  • Sunday, December 23rd Pete Peterson
  • Monday, December 24th (4-7pm) Phil Jacques
  • Thursday, December 27th Marc Apostolides
  • Sunday, December 30th Jodee Frawlee