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Great NH Restaurants’ Charitable Trust

Over the past 30+ years, Great NH Restaurants has donated over $1,000,000 in dining certificates and has raised more than $180,000 through annual fundraising drives to benefit thousands of highly deserving New Hampshire based organizations. These philanthropic efforts have sparked the realization that more can be done to benefit our local communities. In 2014 we formed the Great NH Restaurants’ Charitable Trust - is the tool to make this happen and we couldn’t be more thrilled to increase our impact on New Hampshire.

With Great NH Restaurants’ Charitable Trust - and the help of our community supporters, we have raised over $575,000 and benefited numerous deserving non-profits that support NH’s Families, Elderly, Education, & Disadvantaged. Learn More

Restaurant Gift Certificate Donation Request

Great NH Restaurants strives to support our local communities in the most beneficial way possible. As a result, donation requests for dining certificates and food will only be considered if the donation will be used toward raising funds to support your organization’s mission.

It is our experience that gift certificate donations appeal to nearly all organization types... school sports raffles, church penny sales, private team sponsorship, golf tournaments, auctions, etc... Gift certificates attract all types of supporters, can be sold by your organization at face value or at a premium to raise money or can be used as incentives for other donors.

Our standard donation is one $50 gift certificate per organization event. Should you have a need for more please relay in the application exactly what you are hoping for and why (i.e. I need $400 in gift certificates because I'd like Copper Door to be the sole team sponsor and the t-shirts will cost us $395).

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