About Us

Copper Door

Fine Food, Delicious Drink, Classic Character!

Enter the arched Copper Door of this upscale eatery for approachable fine dining cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

The inspiration for Copper Door® came about a number of years ago when CEO & Owner Tom Boucher and his wife Dana were traveling. Tom’s position as a board member with the National Restaurant Association enabled Tom and Dana to not only travel all over but to also dine at some of the finest and most popular restaurants across the country. Dana Boucher, a free-lance artist, (www.BreathofFreshArt.com) has an eye for interior design that is classic but whimsical; tasteful but not stuffy. Ultimately, she became the inspiration behind the idea for the Copper Door® even choosing the name several years ago.

Over the years, they have grown to admire a handful of restaurants that have been able to capture the combination of an elegant, high-end atmosphere without the usual stuffiness associated with it. They spent many dinners taking notes and putting together ideas for what would become the Copper Door®, never losing sight of their dream to open and own a restaurant that would rival those in the big cities.

Great ideas require those who can help build them. CFO & Owner, Mark Fenske was instrumental in the creative process bringing his vast knowledge of construction, equipment needs and architectural design to Copper Door®. Mark understands the balance between beautiful architecture and functionality of a restaurant, as seen inside and outside of Copper Door®.

Success is in the details and that’s what Chief of Restaurant Operations & Owner, Dan Fraser contributed to Copper Door®. He brought it altogether with his vast culinary knowledge and expertise of operations with nearly 30-years of experience with T-BONES and Cactus Jack’s. His high standards and keen eye are what brings the best out in Copper Door®.